Voice Cabling Services

In addition to our Cat5e and Cat6/a structured cabling installations to carry both voice and data, Holyhead Telecom also provides the installation of multicore voice cabling for analogue and digital phone systems.

Holyhead Telecom have years of experience in the installation, termination and testing of traditional CW1308 and CW1108 telephone cable from 2 pair to 1000’s pairs. All our work is labelled and tested to the relevant standards.

We can provide overhead and underground links as well as full internal block wiring.
We also do fibre optic work

Typical installations includes

  • Installation of multicore cables and termination to DPs (distribution panel or point)
  • Installation of multicore cables and termination to standard rack mount patch panels
  • Splicing of existing multicore links/DPs to move phone systems and links to new areas
  • Underground and overhead links from building to building

Our experienced engineers have worked with many manufacturers and types of cabling systems.