Network Cabling Services


Cat5e/Cat6/a Structured Cabling Services

The best software is only as reliable as the hardware it runs on. The same is true for networks. The most reliable server or workstation can become unstable because of a single poor connection. Improperly terminated cables and network components can cause intermittent problems that may confuse the most tech savvy network administrator.

At Holyhead Telecom we take pride in our structured cabling designs and installations. Neat and properly installed components and network wiring will improve reliability and provide time saving solutions for changes or troubleshooting. We also implement proper practices and techniques that maintain order and reduce clutter. Intelligent design of a networks infrastructure insures compatibility with emerging technologies and provides redundancy as well as room for future growth.

At Holyhead Telecom we believe equipment rooms should be a showcase; a symbol of a company's technological sophistication and organization.

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